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Employee Handbook

Have peace of mind knowing your employee handbook and policies include the latest updates on Federal, State and Local regulations. We create custom handbooks that reflect your company’s standards and culture. Contact Us for more information.

HR Hotline

This ongoing service delivers quick, reliable answers to all your human resources and management questions. We feel you will be most successful if you can pick up the phone at any time and get the information and guidance you need. Contact Us for more information.

Peer Groups

Small, select groups of vacation rental industry professionals participate in facilitated discussions about industry trends, current issues and best practices. Groups are capped at 6 participants. Contact Us for more information on upcoming groups.

Training & Education

We provide customized training focused on the needs most relevant to your team. We offer webinars, meeting facilitation, personalized coaching and more. Contact Us for more information.


We provide a variety of consulting services focused on business planning, workforce development, compensation and benefits, and performance management. Contact Us for more information.

Engagement Survey

HR4VR’s employee engagement survey measures your employees’ commitment, motivation, and sense of purpose and passion for their work and the organization and provides you with clear data on how to improve your employee experience. Contact Us for more information.

DISC Assessment

Take your communication techniques to the next level. DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace. Individuals learn about their behavior styles and how others perceive them. Purchase DISC Assessments directly or Contact Us to facilitate the process.