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We are your vacation rental human resources experts.

Get the right people, planning, policies, and outcomes.


Is HR Consuming Your Time?

HR4VR provides industry expertise in HR management allowing you to focus on your “core” business.


Are You in Legal Compliance?

HR4VR keeps you up to date on current laws and recent legislation relevant to your marketplace.


Take the Risk Assessment!

HR4VR will help your company discover and eliminate possible risks before they become major problems.


As a new business owner, I value HR4VR’s contribution to my business. Sue’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to us. Her approach of “keeping life simple” has made HR management much easier. - Barbara Cool-Olson, Beachcomber Vacation Homes

Frankly, Sue Jones has made our company a better company: we hire better than ever; we train better than ever; our turnover is lower than ever. Not only is our company more productive and profitable, but it is more fun to manage! - Claire Reiswerg & Anne Reiswerg, Co-Owners, Sand 'N Sea Properties

Sue and her team at HR4VR are a key strategic business partner for us, guiding our organizational changes to ensure alignment with our vision, goals and culture. The FLPP team values and appreciates our relationship with HR4VR and their contributions to our business. Wherever your business is headed HR4VR is there to support you every step of the way. - Brian Zerges – Owner, Finger Lakes Premier Properties

Sue's strategic business sense and knowledge of HR methods and compliance have been a valuable resource which has been instrumental in helping our company meet our HR related goals. HR4VR is a trusted business partner and we attribute a portion of our success to their ongoing role in executing our plans. - Amy Gaster and Carrie Efird, Owners Tybee Vacation Rentals

As a small business owner with less than 10 employees, I was excited to find Sue Jones to assist us with our HR needs. She has helped us update our Employee Handbook, including adding important legal information, assisted in writing job descriptions and job ads, and coached us during the hiring process (including using workplace assessment tools) to help us find the right person for each position. Sue has integrated herself into our team in a way that feels like we have a Human Resources Director. - Betsy LaBarge, Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals




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